Copyright Infringement in Germany?

Did you receive a warning letter concerning an alleged copyright infringement (e.g. regarding illegal filesharing via bittorrent?)

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Just send us the warning letter you have received Briefumschlag icon We will legally assess your warning letter Prüfung Filesharing Abmahnung and call you back and give you free legal advice regarding the alleged copyright infringement Telefon
Our Experience - Your Advantage

HaekExperience with more than 7.000 cases against the music- and film- industry

HaekRecommended by the "Interessensgemeinschaft gegen den Abmahnwahn" (, a consumer protection community against abusive warning letters

HaekMore than 1.000 cases beeing in lapse

HaekOur task: Not to pay a single cent to the opponent!

HaekWe represent several thousand clients against all well known rightholders

HaekWe will not be fooled by the letters of Waldorf-Frommer, Rasch Rechtsanwälte, etc.

HaekPersonal and individual advice by one of our experienced lawyers

HaekHigh chances to avoid any payment to the opponent

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