Standard Trademark application in Germany incl. Trademark Research

Simply enter your brand name or upload your logo to get trademark protection in Germany for 10 years for only 395,- Euro + Office Fees and VAT*


Simply fill out the following order form. We will then prepare your trademark application and coordinate it with you. Once the draft of your trademark application has been approved by you, we will file your trademark at the DPMA and take over the administration - at no extra charge - for 24 months. Our Standard Trademark application includes a simple trademark search for identical prior rights. We also offer similarity searches. Please feel free to contact us, to upgrade your standard trademark application in Germany.

*plus 290,- Euro official fees of the DPMA, price for 3 classes, each additional class causes additional costs of 100,- Euro net and 100 Euro official fees.

Goods and Services to be protected:

*Wichtiger Hinweis:

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