Markenrecht RechtsanwaltGerman Trademark Law

Protecting your trademarks within Germany and making the most of your company’s IP is more critical than ever.

The IP litigators at DURY have the trial experience, business acumen, and IP expertise to handle the most challenging trademark cases in courtrooms around the country.


In high-stakes IP litigation, the advantage goes to the party with the most experienced litigators and trial lawyers. DURY has built its reputation on skilled and experienced trial lawyers who know how to present complex trademark cases to judges in persuasive and understandable terms.

Our IP litigators have successfully handled scores of cases for major national and international clients across a broad range of industries.

Legal Representation also at OAMI and WIPO

Besides Germany we can also represent your company regarding European and international trademarks, corporate logos and domains. If you plan to do business in Germany and other European countries we can advise you on developing a strong European trademark portfolio, as well as in all licensing matters.

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