Trademark law: DURY succeeds in repealing the blocking of products of a Chinese electronics manufacturer at, and AliExpress

printer 2416269 640Since 13 February 2019, the DURY trademark team has been asserting the legal interests of a Chinese electronics manufacturer in the field of trademark law in Germany and in other European member states.

The background of the mandate is a broad trademark grabbing campaign of a former German reseller. The former reseller registered the serial number of the Chinese manufacturer, who had only registered the company indicator as principal trademark in Europe, as a trademark himself, with the intention of requesting the blocking of the Chinese manufacturer’s offers at, and AliExpress with reference to these trademark applications made in bad faith.

As a result, the Chinese manufacturer was threatened with considerable losses of turnover in a seven-digit range per month.

Within the framework of comprehensive countermeasures under trademark law, DURY was able to register numerous new EU trademarks on the day of the commissioning by the Chinese company. In spite of conflicting trademark applications and a trademark registration by the trademark troll, the DURY team attained within a few days that all products of the Chinese manufacturer can be ordered again on the aforementioned platforms in Germany and Europe under the previous ASIN numbers.

In addition, all malicious trademark applications of the former reseller were challenged.

Further legal actions were taken to reliably prevent future disruptive actions.

DURY regularly advises on trademark disputes and offers all services in German and English.

The involved DURY trademark team included lawyer Bettina Bost LL.M., lawyer Michael Pfeiffer, business lawyer Mükrime Özgün LL.M., Diplomjurist Benjamin Schmidt and lawyer Marcus Dury LL.M..

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